📱 Apps

Apps are core components of KodaDot wallet.

Basic usage is to interact from browser with Polkadot and Substrate based networks.

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▶️ Demo versions

🕹 Play

git clone git@github.com:vue-polkadot/apps.git
cd dashboard;yarn
yarn serve
open http://localhost:8080/

🏦 Stage One

  • Accounts - It offers basic management functionality to work with Accounts
  • Address book - It offers basic management functionality to work with Addresses
  • Democracy - It offers basic voting app, allowing votes on activate proposals and referenda.
  • Extrinsics - Extrinsics page is enviroment where user is able to execute every available transaction on the selected node.
  • Transfer - Transfer function is abstraction on top of extrinsics for transfering various assets of network.
  • Settings - It provide seamless integration of vue-settings and vue-api inside Vuex, allowing choice of language, node to connect to, and theme.

🏯 Stage Two

  • 🏗 Explorer
  • 🏗 Staking
  • 🏗 Storage
  • 🏗 ToolBox
  • 🏗 Treasury

🏗 Development

Contribution are welcome!

We are using yarn workspace, as installing things via npm will result in broken dependencies.

👷‍♀️ Get Started

  1. Clone the repo git clone git@github.com:vue-polkadot/apps.git <optional local path>
  2. Ensure that you have a recent LTS version of Node.js, we are using in time of writing version v12.16.0
  3. Recent version of Yarn, we are now using 1.22.4
  4. Install the dependencies by running yarn
  5. Now you can launch the UI. You can have local running Substrate node or connect to existing networks
  6. Access the UI at http://localhost:8080/

🙋‍♀️ I want to contribute

Sure, your contribution is welcome. Please follow code of conduct and contribution guidelines

🐳 Docker

Yet, we don't have any official image. There is issue, anyone could help setup Docker image for us