Issues are very valuable to this project.

  • Ideas are a valuable source of contributions others can make
  • Problems show where this project is lacking
  • With a question you show where contributors can improve the user experience

Thank you for creating them.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are, a great way to get your ideas into this repository.

When deciding if I merge in a pull request I look at the following things:

Does it state intent

You should be clear which problem you're trying to solve with your contribution.

For example:

Add link to code of conduct in

Doesn't tell me anything about why you're doing that

Add link to code of conduct in because users don't always look in the

Tells me the problem that you have found, and the pull request shows me the action you have taken to solve it.

Is it of good quality

  • There are no spelling mistakes
  • It reads well
  • For english language contributions: Has a good score on Grammarly or Hemingway App

Does it move this repository closer to my vision for the repository

The aim of this repository is:

  • To provide a README and assorted documents anyone can copy and paste, into their project
  • The content is usable by someone who hasn't written something like this before
  • Foster a culture of respect and gratitude in the open source community.

Does it follow the contributor covenant

This repository has a code of conduct, This repository has a code of conduct, I will remove things that do not respect it.