👀 Overview

Democracy page consist of three sub-pages:

  • Main Board
  • Referendums
  • Proposals

Main Board

Main board is divided into two parts: Summary and and Submits

Summary is a small dashboard with all important information such as referendum count, proposal count and launch period


In submit part user is able to decide if he/she wants to submit proposal or preimage.

When user wants to submit proposal, he/she needs to upload the hash of proposal and balance which will be locked for proposal.

Submit Proposal

When user wants to submit preimage, he/she needs to select the extrinsic which will be added into preimage sumbittion.



Poposals tab shows list of avaible proposals

As we can see on the image below each proposal consist of proposal id, proposer address, actual proposal and list of people which have seconded for actual proposal.


We are also able to second the proposal using + Second button.

Second Modal


Referendums tab is the list of proposed referendums.

Same as proposals referendum consist of vital information and users is able to vote for proposal using + Vote button